The Menlo Park School

Menlo Park Elementary School is a pillar of the neighborhood that represents community, culture, education and so much more. The school is located at the southwestern border of Menlo Park park. Although the Tucson Unified School District was forced to close the school's doors as a result of low enrollment in 2013, it remains an integral part of the neighborhood's history and culture. The school celebrated its centennial in November of 2019. The Centennial celebration welcomed close to 500 attendees, showing the deep loyalty and camaraderie of the school's alumni. Many members of that tight-knit community still share memories, photographs, and other mementos of their time spent at this cherished public school. From 2013 to 2019, Menlo Park Elementary served as a private school for children with autism operated by the nonprofit Intermountain Centers for Human Development, which leased the property from TUSD. As of 2020, the school is being used by TUSD security services. Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo has given Menlo Park neighbors hope that one day it will serve the families of Menlo Park Neighborhood as a public school once again. Dr. Trujillo advised the neighborhood that he anticipates the 2020 Census will show that the number of children within the school's designated neighborhood boundaries will have increased enough to consider re-opening the school.  In the meantime, TUSD has granted permission for the Menlo Park Neighborhood Association to use the facility for its monthly meetings.