Gadsden Corportation Properties

The Mercado District of the Menlo Park neighborhood is comprised of approximately 14 acres of commercial and residential land, bordered by the Santa Cruz River, Cushing St., Congress, and Grande.  This portion of Menlo Park embodies a section of the historical “acequia madre” that was an essential element of the agricultural history of Tucson's West Side, and was originally planned to be a part of an integrated gateway to a West Side Museum District.  Our Neighborhood Plan should be constantly and consistently mindful of this history.  The Gadsden Company, principal developer of the Mercado District, envisioned a welcoming, hospitable, diverse mixed-use development.  Members of the Dixon family who make up Gadsden Company worked with public and private sector partners over the last fifteen years on their vision of development concepts such as “sustainability,” “walkability,” “diversity” and “accessibility.”  The westernmost loop of the streetcar reflects one element of this vision.

As of January 2021, the commercial sites of this district include the Mercado San Agustin and the Mercado Annex. Gadsden Company plans for future development include small businesses, offices and public spaces integrated with living spaces such as apartments and condominiums.

Gadsden lot NE of S Linda Ave and W Cushing St

Site of the planned Bautista Apartments

Notes about the Gadsden lot across from the Monier Apartments

Gadsden lot NW of Ave Convento and W Cushing St

Commerical extension of the original Mercadco District

Notes about the Gadsden lot SE of W Congress St and Ave Convento

Some mention of a paved paid parking lot for Mercado sin Agustin businesses

Gadsden lot SE of W Congress St and S Linda St

Currently used for El Rio Health parking

Gadsden lot across from the El Rio Health Center on W Congress St

Commerical extension of the original Mercadco District