Menlo Park History, Tucson AZ

The First 4000 Years of Menlo Park   <= click here to open

revision March 21, 2019


Why was this written? The current Historic Menlo Park neighborhood dates back around 100 years. Many residents have extended family histories and therefore fully appreciate the value of their community. This history is to elevate and share with others these family's 'pride of place'.

(There is no profit generation planned from this project, it is to be shared.)

Who could have written this? Anyone. This is one person's attempt to capture the events that have occurred in this local area based on textbooks, newspaper stories and professional research articles. While many fine histories have been written about Tucson, they tend to be focused in a narrower timeframe and are broader in geography. This history is the reverse; it is geographically limited to the current Menlo Park boundaries while the stories range chronologically from the pre-historic to the proto-(current)-political times.

How does one read this manuscript? The link above will open the document. It is a searchable pdf, and rather large, so it is advised that you download it to your computer for reading. Hard copy magazines can be made available by pre-order request. The cost will be determined by the number of magazines printed at a time. Please use this link to comment or inquire information on price and timing;  EMAIL ME

Why is this manuscript so long? This was an attempt to cover 4000 years of agrarian cultures that lived here before our written records, followed by all the colorful characters that have left histories about their livelihood also based on farming. An overview of the development of the modern neighborhoods in the last century is provided and I hope some of this will fill some background on the place names we use every day.

Why is this manuscript so short? Every chapter is about one page in length; however, each topic could be covered in an entire book. It is advised that readers continue to pursue the full history of our slice of the oldest community in the country, and maybe fill a bookshelf in doing so.

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